Police talk about dangers of the Internet, Gloucester UK, 2010

for parents

talk by Gloucester Police 17th November, 2010

Parents at Sir Thomas Rich’s School were invited to attend a talk by the Police on the dangers of the Internet. The objectives of the session were to:

  • Raise awareness of the risks and benefits of the internet
  • Describe how children typically use the internet
  • Stimulate parents to talk to their children about how they use the internet
  • Provide advice and support

Parents had the opportunity to discuss web content, conduct when using the web and the risks of contact via networking sites. Pupils access the internet now not only via computers, but also  mobile phones and games consoles. Footage was shown of a 16 year old girl entering a site called Habbo Hotel. This appeared
to be a game site, but was in fact an “avatar” driven chat room. Parents were made aware of the various different abbreviations used by young people such as PIR- parent in room, POS – parent over shoulder. The risks of giving personal details on the web were also highlighted and some stats data given on what children are doing online and what they are saying about themselves.

A discussion followed on how to keep on-line activity within the bounds of safety and the importance of ground rules being agreed between parents and children.

The issue of “cyber bullying” was addressed – what it is, what forms it can take and how to support a child who is being subjected to this abuse.

Finally parents were provided with details of support materials and useful contacts.



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